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Summary of Contents


USER’S GUIDESA115Universal Wireless Effects Controller

Page 2 - 2

Selecting an output modeThe Hot Hand 3 Receiver can output a total of three control signals: two on the Sensor Output and one on the Expression Output

Page 3 - Charging the ring

Selecting an output mode | 11As the MODE LED blinks, press the CALIBRATE button again to scroll through the six output modes. The LED colors of the

Page 4 - Connections

12 | Notes on using multiple units / Configuring the expression output Notes on using multiple unitsThe Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Control

Page 5 - Connecting a Soundblox

• Line 6 mode is a special setting for use with Line 6 effects units and stompboxes. Note: Unlike most expression inputs, this mode uses a normal

Page 6 - and Third Party pedals

14 | Status LEDs and troubleshooting LED State DescriptionRing LED — fast blink Ring is being charged.Ring LED — slow blink Ring is trying to fin

Page 7 - Using the wireless ring

Warranty | 15LIMITED WARRANTYSource Audio, LLC (hereinafter “Source Audio”) warrants that your new Source Audio Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effec

Page 8 - Adjustments

and repairs of Source Audio products are to be performed only at the Source Audio factory or a Source Audio authorized service center. Prior to servic

Page 9 - Calibration

2 | Welcome WelcomeThank you for purchasing this Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller. We hope that the new functionality of the Hot Han

Page 10 - Selecting an output mode

Charging the ring | 3Charging the ringBefore using your new Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller you should fully charge the ring batte

Page 11

4 | Connections ConnectionsThe receiver can be connected to any effects pedal that has the ap-propriate input jacks. This includes the Sensor Input o

Page 12 - Notes on using multiple units

1⁄4-inch Expression Cable (TRS)Connecting a Third-Party pedal Connections | 5Connecting a Soundblox® pedalHot Hand 3ReceiverDC AdapterSoundblox® Ped

Page 13 - - Continued

6 | ConnectionsConnecting Soundblox® and Third Party pedals1⁄8-inch Sensor Cable1⁄4-inch Expression Cable (TRS)Hot Hand 3ReceiverSoundblox® PedalThi

Page 14

Using the wireless ring | 7Using the wireless ringOnce the ring is fully charged and the receiver is powered, you can turn on the ring. Gently pres


8 | Adjustments AdjustmentsMost Source Audio Soundblox pedals have built-in controls for adjust-ing the Hot Hand input, however, some do not and it

Page 16

Calibration | 9CalibrationCalibration is used to set the control output level when the ring is in the middle of its range. Depending on your set up

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