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Thank you for purchasing a Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller. Hot Hand USB is the
latest innovation in music motion control from Source Audio. Hot Hand USB consists of a
small wireless 3-axis motion and tilt-sensing Ring and a USB Receiver. The Receiver
installs without drivers and appears as a MIDI device to your Windows or Mac PC. The
MIDI output from the Receiver can be assigned to control an infinite number of
parameters in your DAW (digital audio workstation) or live performance audio software
to help you bring dynamic motion control to your music.
Demo Projects
As a starting point, we have created sample projects and songs for a variety of software
packages using Hot Hand to control various parameters. The project files can be
downloaded from the Hot Hand USB product page:
Users Guide
Getting Started
To get started using Hot Hand, first you need to charge your
Hot Hand Ring. The Ring can be charged by connecting the
included AC adapter power supply to the charging jack on
the back of the Ring. The Ring features a fast-charging and
high performance Li-ion battery. When the charger is
connected, the blue LED on the Ring will blink quickly.
When the charge is complete, the LED will turn off.
Charging time is around 1.5 hours. On a full charge, the
Ring can be used for around 6 hours.
Charging Port
Status LED
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Getting Started

Welcome Thank you for purchasing a Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller. Hot Hand USB is the latest innovation in music motion control from Source A

Page 2 - Controlling

Connections and Wireless Linking Connect the Hot Hand USB Receiver to any open USB port on your Windows or Mac PC. Drivers will install automatically

Page 3 - Y neutral

To understand the basics of Hot Hand motion control, it’s helpful to know how to move or position the Ring to get the most reliable signal output. T

Page 4

Controlling continued… The motion data from the Ring is sent to the Receiver where it is processed and converted into MIDI signals. MIDI is a very co

Page 5 - Module Enable

When you first start the software editor it will connect automatically to the USB Receiver and load a 3-axis basic preset that matches the default con

Page 6

The MIDI modules take the output from the processor modules and converts it into a MIDI message. The MIDI modules can also be used to edit MIDI param

Page 7 - Software Features

Additional Software Features Toolbar Controls: S S Reload – refreshes the current settings from the Editor to the USB Receiver. This function will N

Page 8 - • Program Changes (PC)

Advanced Features - MIDI Control In addition to creating MIDI output, the Hot Hand USB Receiver can also receive MIDI messages from the computer. The

Page 9 - Specifications

Specifications Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz, ISM Band Battery Capacity: 45mAh, 6 hours usage time Ring Charger Power Supply: 5 Volts, 50mA, Center Posit

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